How To Edge

How To Edge

Sexologist Alice Child shares her top tips on edging.

What techniques do you teach people to lower their arousal?

There are a number of ways you can decrease your arousal when you feel you are ‘at the edge’!’

  • Remove touch completely 
  • Slow down / make the touch less intense - eg turn down the setting on the vibrator, change your stroke/grip 
  • Touch other parts of your body / spread the energy somewhere else
  • Slow deep breathing or ‘square’ breaths 
  • Making a loud noise on the exhale - eg a sigh / hum- helps diffuse some of the energy 
  • Move your body - e.g. have a shake 
  • Change position 
  • Tense and release your kegels (pelvic floor muscles) 
  • Visualise the sexual energy leaving your intimate area

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