About us

Created for women, by women.

We are Kalila & Holly, best friends and co-founders of SheSpot. 

We met years ago on the first day of university and instantly bonded over the subject of sex, relationships and women's pleasure. As the years went by and we progressed through our twenties, we felt increasingly underserved by brands and retailers in the sexual wellness space. Not only did we find the shopping experience underwhelming, functional and completely non educational, we were disappointed by the products on offer, often made using low quality ingredients and crucially, designed by men with little regard for the needs and desires of women. 

In 2020 things changed as we began to discover an incredible range of new female-founded brands in the sexual wellness space, on a mission to create high quality, beautifully designed products, by women, for women. We knew straight away we wanted to play a part in helping women discover these amazing products and have the confidence to explore their sexuality in a safe and accessible space, and just like that, SheSpot was born. 

SheSpot is here to source the best women's sexual wellness products, spanning sex toys, lube and arousal oils, all the way through to intimate care and mood setting. Every season we curate boxes of premium, full sized products designed for self-love, complimented by top tips and advice on how to use them. SheSpot is for every woman, whether you're single, in a relationship, or anywhere in between.

We look forward to you embarking on your sexual wellness journey with us.


Kalila & Holly x