Silky (S)Wipes

Silky (S)Wipes have been developed specifically for the vulva with all aspects in mind, from material to pH and ingredients. Made with biodegradable organic bamboo and a super clean formulation, these silky soft intimate wipes are ideal for pre- and post-sex or whenever a quick clean up is needed. Ideal to keep in your bag at all times!

12 sachets

Key Features

  • No nasties -  free from nasties such as soap, alcohol, parabens and palm oil.
  • Gynaecologically approved - pH balanced, Hypoallergenic Certified and approved by experts for the intimate area. 
  • Soothing & moisturising - soothing thanks to the extracts of chamomilla flower, nourishing with Vitamin E and moisturising with organic aloe vera

Each pack contains 12 sachets.

How to use

Smile Makers have created these vulva-optimised feminine wipes for whenever you need a quick and safe refresh down below.

  1. Use a wipe to refresh the vulva, the external part of the genitalia, before sex.
  2. Use post-sex for a clean up.
  3. Ideal for use on the go when you need a quick and eco-friendly solution!
  4. NEVER use it internally in the vagina. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ with a delicate pH balance. Disrupting it can cause yeast infections. 

SheSpot Approved 

This brand has been assessed as SheSpot Approved against our self love selection criteria: Safety, Specification and Soul. 


Click here to find out more about each of these assessment areas.

Full ingredients list

Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide: a skin protecting ingredient synthesized from natural sugars. Acts as a prebiotic that protects and stimulates the beneficial microbial skin flora.

Anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower extract: a natural chamomile flower extract with skin-soothing and anti-aging properties.

Cetylpyridinium chloride: preservative used in skin care, cosmetics, deodorants, and oral hygiene products.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizate: natural licorice root extract used to soothe the skin and act as an anti-irritant.

Disodium EDTA: a crystalline salt stabilizer that helps keep the formulation together, does not absorb through the skin and is in much smaller amounts than ingestible or intravenous products.

Hypoallergenic fragrance: to cover the scent of the lactic acid, which some find unpleasant.

Inulin: a natural dietary fiber used as a prebiotic, reduces the growth of bad bacteria in favor of friendly microorganisms naturally present on the skin.

Lactic Acid: a natural antimicrobial ingredient for vulva health. Helps maintain an acidic pH to improve skin homeostasis and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil: a softening and soothing ingredient made from the Ricinus communis plant. Acts as a surfactant to help clean the skin.

Propylene glycol: moisturizer that helps delivery of other active ingredients to the skin.

Sodium benzoate: an organic sodium salt frequently used in skin care.

Tocopheryl acetate: a natural form of vitamin E and an antioxidant. Helps fight free radical damage and promote skin healing. It also provides moisture and strengthens skin's protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Triethyl citrate: citric acid ester that helps reduce the build-up of unpleasant body odor by inhibiting the sweat-producing bacteria enzyme.

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