Ultra-Thin MyBliss Condoms (12 Pack)
Ultra-Thin MyBliss Condoms (12 Pack)
Ultra-Thin MyBliss Condoms (12 Pack)
Ultra-Thin MyBliss Condoms (12 Pack)
Ultra-Thin MyBliss Condoms (12 Pack)
Ultra-Thin MyBliss Condoms (12 Pack)

Ultra-Thin MyBliss Condoms (12 Pack)

MyBliss® condoms are created from the highest quality ingredients. Each condom is made from vegan-friendly and biodegradable natural rubber latex. To protect women against irritation or infection, our condoms are super lubricated with organic and ph-friendly silicone oil. Due to the quality of ingredients, there is no unpleasant rubber scent.

To ensure complete discretion, our condoms come in stylish buttercup packaging that appears more like a coffee-pod. The packaging is easy to open and is more effective at protecting the condom inside from damage. The condoms are ultra-thin (around 0.055-0.0065mm) to heighten the feeling between you and your partner.

Key features

  • No nasties - many condoms contain harsh chemicals that can cause UTIs, but these are clean condoms: vegan, gluten-free and containing no spermicide or parabens.
  • Natural latex - made from 100% natural rubber latex.
  • Easy to use - easy to peel wrapping and ultra-lubricated for better protection against breakage and enhanced pleasure.
  • Ultra thin - don't let safe sex get in the way of your pleasure with these ultra thin condoms.
  • Body safe - 100% electronically tested for safety.

Each pack contains 12 condoms.

How to use

  1. Peel off the foil of the buttercup packaging. The condom is wrapped the right way up with the tip facing up and the rim outside.
  2. Place it facing up on the tip of the penis or of penetrative object and roll it on.
  3. To roll-it on, pinch the tip of the condom to leave some space for semen collection.
  4. Unroll the condom on the length of the penis or penetrative object.
  5. Condom is already lubricated but apply additional lubricant if desired.
  6. After ejaculation, while the penis is still hard, place your fingers on the rim of the condom to pull out safely.
  7. Dispose of the condom safely. 

Safe for use during vaginal and anal sex.

SheSpot Approved 

This brand has been assessed as SheSpot Approved against our self love selection criteria: Safety, Specification and Soul. 


Click here to find out more about each of these assessment areas.

Full ingredients list

Made from 100% natural rubber latex.

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