What is Edging?

What is Edging?

Sexologist Alice Child explains the basics of edging and how to try edging at home.

What is edging?

Edging is simply the practice of getting almost to orgasm, and then stopping the touch, changing the stimulation or using deep breaths to lower our arousal. We are literally getting ourselves right to the edge of the peak of pleasure, and then purposefully walking ourselves back from the edge.
You can do this as many times as you like!

What's happening in the body during edging? 

You are essentially revving the engine on your orgasm. Edging builds up your anticipation, gives your genitals more time to becomes aroused/engorged, helps you stay more present and in your body, and increases the neurotransmitters and pleasure chemicals that are being released throughout your body. 

Can edging lead to stronger orgasms?

Absolutely! It is an amazing technique to make orgasms feel stronger and more pleasurable, and also to increase your awareness and control of your own ‘arousal spectrum’.

When we learn how to mindfully come down from the edge of orgasm, this can also help with concerns such as premature ejaculation and difficulty orgasming.

How do you try it alone or with a partner?

1. Set the scene:  Make the environment as sexy and sensual as possible. Get whatever lube, toys and erotic tools that usually help you reach orgasm or higher levels of arousal.

2. Chat about it before hand: If you're doing this with a partner, chat about how many edges you want to try, who is being edged (or if you both want a go!), and what toys/stimulation work best for each of you to build you to your edge. If this is your first time practicing edging, start with just one or two ‘edges’ each!  Agree on a word that you will say when you have reached your ‘edge’ and would like stimulation to stop so you can come back down.

3. Give it a go! Do whatever feels good. Connect, play, touch. Start with some of the things you usually enjoy, and build arousal in your bodies. 

When you feel relaxed and aroused, take turns playing with getting to the ‘edge’ and coming back down. Communicate with your partner as you go and enjoy!

4. Increase the difficulty: If you want to become a master of your own orgasms and have even more control, you can increase the difficulty over time.

  • Easy: Edge at a 6/10 aroused (not 9/10!) - lower arousal by removing touch/stimulation all together and do deep square breaths
  • Moderate: Edge at a 7/10 or 8/10 - lower arousal by slowing down your touch/stimulation and do deep square breaths
  • Expert:  Edge at 9/10 - lower arousal with breath and visualization alone!

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