Founder Story: Knude Society

Founder Story: Knude Society

Knude Society was founded after a really bad job interview. One where Em, founder of Knude Society, saw that women once again were not a part of the conversation about the future of sex and sexual wellness.

Founder Em says, "Here I was being sold to about the future of sex toys being about sexual wellness aimed at women… By two men."

So instead, she decided to do it herself, for women just like her. And Knude Society was created, with one mission: to reclaim what real pleasure looks like, for everyone.

For too long, just like in the interview, women have been told what pleasure should look, feel, and sound like. The result? A whole lot of us feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. (Orgasm Gap, anyone?)

Instead Knude Society is designed from the ground up. To help women build a healthy relationship with their bodies. No fads, no gimmicks. Just vibes that are here help women truly explore what brings them real pleasure.

Their flagship vibrator, Gwen, has sold out three times. With good reason! Originally featuring in one of SheSpots original boxes, Gwen is a versatile clitoral vibrator that we still get rave reviews about. 

It's a vibrator for everyone. Whether you're a newbie or if you've got a few in your collection. Whether you're enjoying solo time, or if you're partnering up.

Gwen's wide range of vibration intensities and patterns allow you to explore what feels good for you. And its pebble shape means it can slip easily between you and a partner. Though it is a clitoral vibrator, it's perfect for testing and teasing all of your erogenous zones too, with broad and pinpoint areas to feel the vibes in different ways too.

It's also rechargeable, made of medical grade silicone, and 100% waterproof. All the good things you want from a vibrator in your collection.

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