A guide to grown up sexy games

A guide to grown up sexy games

By Ffion Harman, Founder of Fine Bone


SheSpot asked founder of sexual wellness brand Fine Bone how she’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Read on for her ultimate guide to grown up adult games - let the games begin…

Valentine’s day is only around the corner, for me this is an opportunity to lavish my friends with all sorts of love-themed trivia and curated filth. Never more so than when I’m entertaining. When you hear sexy party games visions of 70s swingers’ parties come to mind, but adult parlour games actually have a have a long history of being…

Parlour games throughout history

Blind man’s buff 

Versions of this game have sprung up all over the world everywhere from Ancient Greece to the courts of Henry the VIII. It broadly involves nominating one person to be “It” who’ll be blindfolded, spinning them around to disorientate them and then asking them to catch one of the other participants. This creates ample opportunities to tease with misleading pokes and rogue noises. In a sensual version of the game guests would remain silent and “It” would have to identify the “catchee” from touch and scent alone. 

Le Basier à la capucine

Is a rather risqué Regency parlour game where participants kneel on the floor, face their backs to one another and link arms at the elbow. From this stance the pair would try to kiss without unlinking.

Kissing Forfeits 

There are a surprising number of kissing forfeits in Victorian parlour games. One example involves a gentleman holding a candlestick just out of reach and asking a lady to kiss it. Another asks a woman to kiss every man in the room, and hence providing her with the opportunity to kiss her true love without revealing their identity.

We might get away with spinning the bottle in our college days but most of us wouldn’t feel comfortable to suggest a full on “Suck and Blow” session at a dinner party say. Here’s a few suggestions for adding a sensual element to your hosting without encroaching anyone’s boundaries. 

Add parlour games to your hosting

Nude playing cards

If you like card games with friends - why not invest in a set of nude playing cards. This provides a segway onto a hot topic without being the main event. Try this set by Peach Fuzz Magazine, which I absolutely adore.

Saucy readings

One of my favourite birthdays was spent in a dive bar taking it in turns to read passages from some Vintage porn magazines bought at a flea-market. There was some truly shocking erotica in there… but it had us all giggling. Likewise, reading favourite excerpts from books like 50 Shades of Grey has provided a lot of dinner table mirth in the past without inciting full on action. 

Aphrodisiac ice breakers

Lean into the novelty and invite your guests to try some unusual aphrodisiacs. For example, Damiana tea – A herbal tea with virile properties that’s available in leaf form online. Or, these rose flavoured treats by Medicinal Marshmallows

Burning aphrodisiac candles

Such as my Latest Flame massage candle by Fine Bone available in the Shespot’s Winter Wellness box! These add to the ambiance and sensual glow whilst providing a saucy talking point. 

Failing the above; there’s always Cards against Humanity. Which allows you to take it as far as the evening allows…

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