Empowering women through sexual wellness

Empowering women through sexual wellness
We hear from sex educator and content creator Millie G Shields.
This season we have co-created a limited edition SheSpot sexual wellness bundle with Millie to showcase the best women's sexual wellness products.

Q: Why are you excited about your collaboration with SheSpot?

A: I've worked with SheSpot since its foundation and I absolutely love their concept of women prioritising their pleasure. Every SheSpot box is a treat for women to prioritise themselves, which I think we often neglect to do. I'm thrilled to create my own edition in collaboration with them.

Q: Why is sexual wellness so important to you?

A: I’m passionate about sexual wellness as a whole because I was never given the right sex education or the sex education that would benefit me as a woman. I believe women must know about their bodies and be able to educate their partners. My passion for sexual wellness was sparked after a big breakup when rediscovering my sexuality helped rebuild my self-esteem. Understanding your body can contribute so much more to your life than you realise. 

Q: What do you aim to achieve with your social media platforms, Confidence Guide e-book, and this collaboration?

A: My ultimate goal is to help women live their best, most confident lives, and to encourage them to prioritise themselves. Pleasure is a big part of this as we're seldom taught to put it first. I hope this collaboration helps women of all ages feel their best. Through my platform, I strive to create a safe and supportive space where women can share their experiences, seek advice, and find encouragement. It's about fostering a community that affirms their experiences but also empowers them to reclaim their sexual lives. I also recommend products that are safe and body-friendly to further build trust and comfort. 

Q: How do you aim to support women who have experienced sexual trauma?

A: A significant part of my work in sexual wellness is to advise and encourage women who have experienced sexual trauma. By promoting products that are safe and body-friendly, I hope to reassure them that they can still enjoy their sex lives.

Q: What are your thoughts on sexual well-being for women going through treatments or becoming new mothers?

A: It's crucial to reassure women going through treatments or new mothers that their sexual nature can be regained and enjoyed. Products with body-safe silicones can be reassuring during this journey. Body-safe products offer an element of control and comfort, as they're designed with a woman's well-being in mind. They're a gentle reminder that their bodies are deserving of care and pleasure, irrespective of the physical changes or treatments they're undergoing. This can be incredibly reassuring in their journey towards reclaiming their sexual nature.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in advocating for sexual wellness?

A: My ultimate goal is to create a safe space for women to explore and enjoy their sexual well-being. I believe that self-reassurance and exploration can empower women, irrespective of their past experiences or current circumstances.

In your journey towards creating a safe space for women, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

There are still stigmas and misconceptions surrounding women's sexual well-being. Overcoming these societal barriers requires constant dialogue and education. I use my platform to foster open conversations, dispel myths, and emphasize the importance of self-love and exploration. It's a challenge, but seeing the positive impact on women's lives makes it worthwhile. Women go through a lot! If there is any way you can reassure them and put them in a safe space with then I’d love to be able to achieve that!

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