Meet Danish sexual wellness brand, sitre

Meet Danish sexual wellness brand, sitre

Hi everyone,

We’re Cecilie and Julie, the founders behind the Danish sex wellness brand sitre.

The idea for sitre came when Julie found herself in a situation where she felt she would benefit from using lube. Both her and her partner felt shameful about this because of the narrative surrounding lube as a product. Julie felt like her body couldn’t perform sexually and her partner felt like he couldn’t turn her on. Neither was true, of course, but it quickly became the elephant in the room and the products on the market didn’t help. They either felt vulgar or like a pharma product and most had harmful ingredients that shouldn’t get anywhere near the body.

Julie and Cecilie had become friends when they both lived in London but Cecilie had moved home after 5 years. She had loved living in London but it was also a period in her life where work had felt like a lot of pressure and she ended up getting sick with stress. Through this experience she got a new perspective on health; she moved away from ‘going for a run’ and started really nurturing her mental health. This was also when she discovered the connection between intimacy and wellness.

When Julie moved back to Denmark in 2020, she reached out to Cecilie and asked if she would be interested in making a sexual wellness brand that felt honest, inclusive and nurturing. That was the beginning of sitre.

We’re serious about pleasure by giving it the respect it deserves. Our products are all produced in Denmark and made with high quality ingredients such as organic aloe vera, vitamin-e and organic argan oil that don’t just work but they leave both mind and body feeling nurtured and cared for.

We want to create products that feel exciting to use instead of making them feel like a functional necessity. Because lube makes sex better - not just for the people who 'need' it but for everyone. That’s also why we call our lubricants for gels - and changing the language has changed the habits. We have people messaging us that their partner love using our product when they were always against using lube.

Tips to using our water-based gel

Our water-based gel is a natural lube made with organic aloe vera which doesn’t just create incredible moisture in the moment but it helps trigger the skin to produce moisture too. It’s made without any toxic ingredients which makes it safe to use even during pregnancy… it’s actually so clean you can eat it.

It has a silk like texture and we love using it throughout sex as it gets absorbed by the skin. So instead of making it feel like something you quickly have to get done, we love to make it an exciting part of the experience. We love using it on ourselves but also our partners… it does make a handjob a lot better..!

We also know a lot of people who use it as everyday moisture after a shower (why shouldn’t your intimate areas feel nurtured?) or even on their hands as it feels less heavy than a handcream.


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