Sexual wellness is linked to every part of our lives - embrace it!

Sexual wellness is linked to every part of our lives - embrace it!

There’s a common misconception that ‘sexual wellness’ is just about sex, confined to the bedroom. However, our sexuality and pleasure cannot exist in a vacuum. So many day to day factors can influence the quality of our sexual life and how we feel in our bodies and minds. 

At SheSpot we believe in a holistic approach to sexual wellness, with a focus on creating safe environments, lowering stress and anxiety and taking the time to learn about what makes you tick.

Shaking up the daily grind 

Imagine you’ve had a stressful day at work, you haven’t had time to exercise or unwind, and you’re still processing the day. You’re probably not going to feel in touch with your body and you’re unlikely to be in the mood for anything sexual (with yourself or a partner!). 

Now imagine you take some time to read or stretch to calm your mind. You put on some music, light your favorite candle and then apply some aromatherapy balm to your wrists and neck. Finally you indulge your skin with your favourite body oil and take some deep, calming breaths. Maybe now you’re feeling more in the mood to check in with yourself, and maybe even pick up that vibrator! 

Nurturing sexual wellness can look different for everyone, but this example shows how a broad range of activities and circumstances can influence how you feel about your mind, body and sexuality. 

Rather than focusing purely on sexual acts, nurturing your sexual wellness is an active process of prioritising self love, both physically and emotionally. It could include everything from mood setting, meditation and education, through to intimate care, self-pleasure and more. 

Why is sexual wellness so important?

Feeling sexually ‘well’ has countless (and wide-ranging!) benefits that impact all areas of our lives. Some of these may surprise you - here are our favourites: 

Improved confidence (in all areas of life!)

When we’re able to regulate our mood, and anticipate the needs of our bodies it can be an incredibly empowering experience. 

Maybe you learn how best to support your body during your period or the menopause, or you get a feel for the kind of stimulation you need during times of stress or high pressure. Knowing ourselves intimately can allow us to take ownership of our wellbeing on a day to day basis and boost our self esteem in the process. The benefits of this extend far beyond the bedroom and into the boardroom! 

All round health benefits

Taking care of our sexual wellness has a multitude of health benefits, here are just a few: 

  • Research indicates that vaginal stimulation can not only raise your pain threshold but also block chronic back and leg pain, as well as menstrual cramps and headaches!
  • Studies suggest orgasms release prolactin and other chemicals that flush cortisol out of the body, helping to lower our stress levels and aid a restful sleep.
  • Understanding how our bodies work also helps to alert us to when things aren't quite right.  By exploring what’s normal for you, you can seek medical support if you notice any concerning changes as soon as they occur. 

Healthier relationships and boundaries 

Taking the time to explore your sexuality and pleasure will almost certainly boost your understanding of what makes you tick  (and maybe what gives you the ick!)

This will in turn allow you to achieve a richer appreciation of your standards, boundaries and expectations when it comes to partnered sex in particular, creating a much safer and more empowering experience. 

A deeper understanding of your body and preferences can also allow you to articulate better what gives you pleasure. 

Inspiring others and shedding shame

Sexual wellness isn’t just about physical acts, it can also mean learning about how our bodies work and sharing knowledge with others. 

Our sexuality and intimate health can feel very private and it’s ok to keep it that way. But if you do feel passionately about any new product or activity you’ve tried, discussions between friends can help to break down archaic taboos around health, pleasure and women’s sexuality in particular.  

Normalising these topics helps to encourage all women to take ownership of their pleasure - leading to healthier, happier and safer sexual lives for everyone!

A holistic approach

Your sexual wellness is a crucial element of your wellbeing, and can impact every aspect of how you feel and make connections with others. 

Rather than thinking about masturbation or sex as an isolated activity, SheSpot encourage you to see your sexuality and pleasure as intertwined with your daily life. In practice, this means learning about your unique needs and giving yourself the self love your mind and body is craving in that moment. In doing so, a huge array of benefits will follow

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