What is sexual wellness and why does it matter?

What is sexual wellness and why does it matter?

The concept of ‘sexual wellness’ is relatively new and it’s often misunderstood. Crucially it’s not just about sex, but so much more!

Sexual wellness means prioritising self-love, both physically and emotionally. It encompasses everything from self-pleasure, sex, and intimate care, to meditation, mood setting and knowledge sharing. 

Sexual wellness is an active process, developed through exploration and finding what works best for us as individuals. The key benefits include an increasing understanding of our sexuality, boosting self-esteem and improving the quality of our relationships. 

How can I boost my sexual wellness?

There’s no one size fits all model to sexual wellness - exploration is key! Here are a few of our top tips to kickstart your self-love journey. 

1. Make time

It might sound obvious but, make time for sexual wellness! Whether it’s for self-pleasure, sex with a partner, or even just a relaxing bath, give yourself a clear period, free of distractions to really immerse yourself in the experience. 

This could mean turning off your notifications, carving out some time in your diary, or just grabbing 30 mins when you can. It can often be tricky to spare time but the more you can integrate sexual wellness into your lifestyle the better.

2. Set the scene 

Get yourself in the mood for self-love!

Your environment has a huge impact on your desire and confidence to explore your body and sexuality. Whether you’re going solo or with a partner, try to make your surroundings as comfortable as possible. Do you have enough pillows? Do you need to lock a door? Is the TV off? Will you be distracted by things like the temperature or light? 

We love to use mood boosting additions like lamps, blankets, candles and aromatherapy - whatever works best for you.  

3. Experiment with sexual wellness products 

Ok, so we’re definitely bias in this department (!) - but investing in the huge range of female-focused products now available is an incredible way to enhance sexual wellness. 

Long gone are the days of awkwardly walking into seedy sex shops or relying on getting a ‘joke’ (but secretly very welcome) sex toy for your birthday! There are now literally hundreds of beautifully designed, shame-free sexual wellness products on the market - from vibrators and kegels, to lubes and intimate care treats. 

Crucially, these products can be used with or without a partner. So to all the single ladies out there - don’t put your sexual wellness on the back burner - take ownership of your pleasure!

However, we know very well that choosing and buying sexual wellness products can still be intimidating, or at the very least confusing. Here at SheSpot. we are on a mission to introduce you to the very best products in a safe, stress-free way. 

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4. Check-in with yourself 

A key way to make lasting improvements to your sexual wellness is reflection time.  This could take many forms - perhaps thinking through or journalling what worked for you after self-pleasure or sex, or even communicating the same to a partner. 

Reflection can also mean monitoring things like your sleep, menstrual cycle, or hormone changes and how these affect the way you feel mentally and physically. There are some wonderful apps out there to help you track these metrics (to name a few - the Calm app for sleep and journaling, MoodyMonth for hormones, Clue for menstrual cycles). 

Being able to reflect on what works for you, and anticipate how your mind and body might react at different times can be a really empowering and illuminating process. 

What are the benefits of sexual wellness?

How long have you got?! The benefits of nurturing your sexual wellness are quite literally endless. Here are some of our favourites...

Improved sexual pleasure and healthier sex

Let’s start with the obvious! Practice makes perfect - if you explore your sexuality through masturbation and self-care in particular, you’ll almost certainly boost your understanding of your own pleasure. This will in turn allow you to achieve a richer appreciation of your standards, boundaries and expectations when it comes to partner sex in particular - creating a safer and more empowering experience!

Health benefits 

As well as being enjoyable, masturbation and healthy sex in particular can have really tangible health benefits:

  • During orgasm oxytocin and dopamine are released which boost feelings of happiness and intimacy. 

  • Studies suggest orgasms release prolactin and other chemicals that flush cortisol out of the body, helping to lower our stress levels and aid a restful sleep. 

  • Research also indicates that vaginal stimulation can not only raise pain threshold but also block chronic back and leg pain, as well as menstrual cramps and headaches! 

Improved self esteem and confidence

While we’re on the topic of self-pleasure...studies have shown a link between masturbation and our self-confidence. Not only do pleasure hormones help boost our mood, but understanding how we can pleasure ourselves (rather than relying on others) can really create a sense of independence, pride and self-esteem. 

More generally, exploring pleasure and sexual wellness can unlock a much richer understanding of what makes you tick and what your body is capable of. This can be a really empowering feeling that you can take beyond the walls of your bedroom! 

Inspire others

Our sexuality and intimate health can feel very private and it’s ok to keep it that way. But if you do feel passionately about any new product or activity you’ve tried, don’t be afraid to share your experience with others! 

Discussions between friends are a key way to break down taboos and encourage all women to take ownership of their pleasure and health (you’d be surprised how popular a topic it can be at dinner parties!). 

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