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Day 10 - LELO Liquid Lipstick

Feel your sexiest self with LELO Liquid Lipstick, in the daring shade HOT AF. 

LELO Liquid Lipstick features a revolutionary lipstick formula combining the best of natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology. It features natural waxes for creaminess and a smooth texture; lanoline substitute for a soft sensation, moisturizing, and creaminess; natural film former for smoothness and moisture retention; and volatile ingredient and silicone resin for lasting wear and no transfer.

About LELO

LELO has long established itself as THE luxury pleasure brand, leading the market in design, innovation, technology, and reputation. With an unrivalled track record in revolutionizing the sex toy market, LELO is now poised to redefine the beauty world. This luxury lipstick is one of the first new products developed, designed to enhance your look and unlock your true potential...

Why we love it 

  • No transfer formula: A reliable partner that won't let you down and stain your clothes (or lingerie...) 

  • It keeps going: Achieve strong coverage in just one stroke with a formula lasting up to 12 hours.

  • High Coverage: Packed with color and offers an extraordinarily high-coverage and lightweight feeling while preserving comfort and hydration.

Pairs perfectly with...

Day 6 Agent Provocateur  - Sexy lingerie with a statement red lip, this combo speaks for itself. 

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