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Day 9 - High on Love: Diamond Stimulating O Gel

This silky blend of natural ingredients and premium hemp seed oil promotes the production of natural lubricants and enhances stimulation to intimate areas. Apply to take your climax to the next level.

Why we love it

  • Natural stimulation: Made with premium hemp seed oil designed to make each glide and touch more exhilarating. 

  • Added support: Transformative for those experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort, or decreased libido.

  • It looks incredible: We're obsessed with this gorgeous crystal lid and pink tube. It wouldn't look out of place in your make up bag! ;)

How to use

Apply to intimate regions, which boosts blood flow, and makes each glide and touch more exhilarating, whether solo or during intimacy. A few drops is all it takes to feel the magic.

About High on Love 

HighOnLove is an award-winning line of self-care and sensual products designed to pamper bodies of all shapes and sizes.

All of their products are beautifully packaged and functional, harnessing the natural benefits of hemp seed oil. The entire HighOnLove line is vegan, cruelty-free and made with clean ingredients, so you can feel good in every way. They're all about encouraging women to prioritize themselves, but their products are blissfully enjoyed by couples, too.

Their founder Angela Mustone, a specialist producer of sensual cosmetics, created the brand to empower women to embrace their sensual side. HighOnLove®’s products are beautiful, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Each product lives up to its promise, as proven by a loyal customer base and vibrant social media community.

Pairs perfectly with

Day 2 Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator 

Enhanced toy play! Warm up with light touch using this gorgeous O Gel, before taking things up a level with your Mimi Soft.