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Day 8 - Lust! Red & Gold Patent Cuffs

Make sure that nothing is off the cuffs with the stylish Red Patent Wrist Cuffs.

Restrict and control your partner's movements with these beautiful, high gloss finished red wrist restraints that were designed with beginner BDSM players in mind. These slim cuffs are ideal to start your first bondage collection with or to add an eye-catching new piece to your existing one.

Featuring a shiny red gloss on the outside and a black soft-touch faux-suede lining inside, these Bound to Please wrist cuffs come equipped with a strong metal buckle, sturdy metal D-rings and a secure metal chain ending in two quick-release trigger clips. The golden brass metal details combined with the deep red finish give these restraints an irresistible edge that screams elegance and passion.

Why we love it

  • Vegan: Made with vegan patent leather, super soft to wear. 
  • Detachable Cuffs: Want to be unleashed? Wear the cuffs separately as sexy accessories to any spicy outfit. 
  • Sex positive brand:  Lust! pride themselves on offering something for everyone in an open, inclusive, and welcoming environment. 

How to use:

Using the Red Patent Wrist Cuffs can add excitement and a sense of anticipation to intimate experiences. Here are a couple of hot ways to use them:

  1. Tease and Anticipation Setup:
    • Begin by creating a comfortable and safe environment, ensuring the bed is secure and the room is free from unwanted interruptions.
    • Communicate with your partner about their comfort level and establish a safe word or signal before proceeding.
    • Gently place the cuffs on your partner's wrists, ensuring they're snug but not too tight to cause discomfort.
    • Take a pair of stockings and use them to tie each cuffed wrist to a separate corner of the bed, stretching your partner's arms out in a comfortable manner. Make sure the knots are secure yet quick to release if needed.
    • With their consent, use a blindfold to cover your partner's eyes, heightening their other senses.
    • Start the tease by tracing your fingers over their skin, using various objects with different textures, or employing warm breath and whispers. The goal is to be close and stimulate your partner, keeping actual contact minimal, building tension and excitement.
    • Remember to check in with your partner they are enjoying it.
  1. Close Restraint Technique:
    • Place your partner's wrists together, either in front of them or behind, depending on comfort and flexibility.
    • As you secure the buckle on one cuff, take the free strap and thread it through the D-ring on the second cuff.
    • Now, buckle the strap securely, ensuring the cuffs are connected. They should be firm to prevent your partner from easily breaking free but not so tight as to cause discomfort or circulation issues.
    • This method keeps your partner's hands tethered closely together, limiting their range of movement... it's a good one for strugglers!

About Lust!

Founded in 2007 by wife and husband Calandra Balfour and Tim Richardson, Lust! disrupted the status quo of sex shops: It was designed to feel open, fun and approachable - a place where women wouldn't be intimidated and could openly ask questions. Since then Lust! has become Brighton’s coolest, naughtiest and sexiest store! Based across 3 floors of fun, it offers cool homeware and gifts, tempting toys, an extensive range of erotic accessories and clothing, and lots of other seductive treats. Whether you’re looking for an original gift, planning a dirty weekend or just looking for something cheeky or suggestive, they’ve got what you need. Lust! prides itself on offering something for everyone in an open, inclusive and welcoming environment. Their all-female staff have expansive expertise, and helping our customers to bring a little more sensual fun into their lives is what they do best.

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