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Day 2 - Mimi Soft Je Joue

The Mimi Soft is the perfect clitoral vibrator. Its deep, rumbly motor provides incredible vibrations that transfer deep into the body, accessing all your hidden clitoral nerve endings. Its ergonomic shape allows use in many ways, whether flat in the hand, between bodies, or perfectly pin-pointed pleasure - the possibilities are endless!

Why we love it

  • Soft squishy tip for those with sensitivity 
  • Deep, rumbly motor for more intense orgasms 
  • Versatile shape ideal for massage and direct clitoral stimulation
  • Made with body safe silicone 
  • 5 speeds, 7 patterns
  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% Vegan 
  • Whisper quiet 
  • 1 year warranty!

How to use

The beauty of Mimi Soft is that it’s so versatile – you can enjoy by yourself for clitoral stimulation or it’s perfect for partner play as it fits well between 2 bodies as well as a great massager. Here’s some step by step guides to get the most out of your Mimi Soft. 

Step 1- Warm up

Start by using Mimi Soft gently on the clitoris and labia, adding pressure where feels good. Use a water-based lube to enhance the experience. 

Step 2 - Enjoy

Use the sides of Mimi Soft to tease the labia and the clitoris, if somewhere feels good concentre on that area. Use the flat side of Mimi Soft to provide a wider stimulation of the whole genital area, it also works great for grinding if you sit on top of Mimi Soft (we recommend you use a pillow)

Step 3 - Explore

Mimi makes a great massager as the vibrations travel deep within the body and it fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Try with a massage candle and blindfold for a real sensual experience. Mimi also sits nicely in-between two bodies

About Je Joue

Sophisticated, elegantly naughty and a sensual treat, Je Joue sex toys are the ultimate in quality. They've been encouraging individuals to explore their bodies since 2005. All of their toys are equipped with a rumbly, low-frequency motor for deeper, more intense vibrations.

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