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Day 4: YESforLOV, Massage Candle in scent ‘bewitching’ 

A silky warm massage candle that was designed so that once it’s melted, it turns into a creamy massage oil that’s the perfect temperature for the skin. Its sweet and irresistible monoi fragrance creates a sensual atmosphere, while its soy wax, beeswax, and sesame oil enriched formula ensures that the skin will be left soft and luscious, with no shower required afterwards.

Why we love it 

  • Warm (not hot!) massage oil - once it’s melted, the liquid turns into a creamy, smooth, and warm massage oil that won’t burn your skin. 

  • Sensual fragrance -  Scent of frangipane flowers and white tea invite - a dreamy combination that doesn't overpower. 

  • Lasts for 20 to 25 massages! That's a lot of playtime. 

  • Makes you feel amazing: The ideal accessory to help increase your sexual energy, relax your body, bring your secret desires to life, and boost your libido.

How to use

  1. Light the candle 10 minutes before the massage, this way, it has time to melt and release its perfume. 
  2. Have the person being massaged lay down on their back and get into a comfortable position. 
  3. Use the spout on the ceramic pot to pour the oil either in your hand, or directly on their skin. 
  4. Go ahead and sweep the oil across their body and caress their muscles to relieve tension. 
  5. Once the massage is finished, the oil will absorb into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. No shower is required after.  
  6. Extinguish the flame with the protective lid. 
  7. Store the candle with the lid on to protect the candle from dust and preserve its perfume.

About the brand

YESforLOV is the 1st selective French cosmetics brand focused on love and devoted to sensuality. Their collection is an invitation to enjoy all acts of love, with 3 major product lines: The perfume line, which contains 2 addictive and appealing fragrances; it’s the epitome of seduction and eroticism. The beauty line, which transforms the skin into a source of pleasure, with an array of tactile games designed to break up the monotony of daily life. And finally, there’s the skincare line, which meets all the daily hygiene, protection, and intimate care needs.

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